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Holly Smith

Coordinator, Payroll

Hey, girl! Hello, friend! How can I help you? Payroll Coordinator Holly Smith is simply one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. And, oh that laugh! Holly is all about family, and she considers Rainbows family. Her grandchildren, great nephew and great niece attend Rainbows’ Early Care and Education program, so they are also part of the Rainbows’ family.

“My favorite memories at Rainbows are of the folks I’ve worked with over the years,” said Holly Smith. “Our co-workers just make the work seem easier and the day go by faster. They are such amazing people that I have had the pleasure and honor of sharing both the good and bad. And, Rainbows has always encouraged friendships by creating conditions under which such relationships thrive. When you like the people you work with, you never want to miss a day of work!”

Holly’s route to work in the early 1990’s took her past the Kid’s Cove construction site. “I remember driving past each day and thinking how different and rewarding it would be to work for a non-profit as opposed to the corporate machine at which I was currently employed,” she said. “So, when I was ready for change, in 1998, I applied with Rainbows and was thrilled to be hired as an Accounting Assistant.”

In 2021 Holly transitioned to Humans Resources. To Holly, working in Human Resources means wearing a lot of different hats and trying to complete a lot of different duties all throughout the day. She says, “HR is constantly growing and changing. From compliance with new laws and legislation, to technology and employee expectations, it’s never boring and always challenging.”

“Holly is a true joy to work with,” said Gay Kimble, Vice President of Human Resources. “Always pleasant and kind, she jumps into every project with expertise and enthusiasm. I am thrilled to have her on the HR team and thankful each day for her work ethic, attitude, and support. I also appreciate her ability to laugh at the little things.”

“I enjoy working in a profession that is still maturing and exploring ways to make a difference,” said Holly. “Fortunately, we have an amazing team in our department and an HR Vice President who is strong, resilient and passionate about Rainbows and its greatest resource, the employees.”

Holly’s greatest professional achievement was being a part of the team navigating the waters of Rainbows’ restructuring…surviving…. and coming out on the other side with confidence and dignity. “It was an honor to work side-by-side with a group of such incredible folks,” she said.

The kitchen is Holly’s happy place and food is her love language. She spent a lot of time with her grandmothers and mother in the kitchen while growing up, and has many fond memories of the warmth, laughter and love shared while cooking, baking or just sharing a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Some of her favorite recipes are those passed onto her from her grandmothers. And you can bet you won’t find the words lite, low, lean, fat free or skim on any of their recipe cards!

Family is important to Holly. “I have a wonderful son (Evan) and daughter-in-law (Kate) who’ve given me the most remarkable grandchildren,” said Holly. “Urban and Josie are such a blessing to my husband, Lawrence and I. What a tremendous gift and joy it is watching our family grow. ‘The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your grandchildren’.”

“And, I can’t talk about our family without mentioning our sweet daughter, Tess, who passed away in 2017,” said Holly. “I recently read a quote and found it most appropriate ‘Meaning isn’t something you find, it’s something you give’. So, our family focuses on ways to honor Tess’s spirit and keep her memory alive by carrying out unexpected and unsolicited acts of kindness each day. We’ve tried to turn tragedy into transformation, loss into legacy.”

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