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Katie Porter

Board Member

Joining the Board of Directors in 2023, Katie brings her cross-functional experience and business acumen to the team of volunteer professionals guiding Rainbows.

A Data & Analytics Implementation Lead in Digital Core Transformation at Cargill Protein North America, Katie is a proven strategist and problem solver who cares about the community and making the world a better place.

“I love sharing the positive benefits of the experiences I have had and the joy that helping others has brought me,” said Katie. “Our community is who we are collectively, it’s up to us to shape it for today and tomorrow.”

She believes that for the community to represent all of us, we need contributions from many not just the few. Those contributions can come in many ways. “I thrive on connecting people’s passion and capability to share with those who are seeking inputs,” she says. “The greatest blessing is to help another; we have all been helped in some form or fashion and to pass on that blessing is the greatest gift to give and to receive.”

She’s a fan of Rainbows because as a wife and mother of 3, she’s seen both the beauty in the individual and the strength of a connected family. “I was drawn to Rainbows United because of their focus on enriching the lives of children with special needs AND their families,” said Katie. “It was the focus on the family that really got me.”

She explains, “Early on in my first pregnancy an OB nurse had a profound impact on my considerations for the impacts that special needs children have on the family dynamics. When asked to test the baby for genetic disorders, my immediate response was “no”. I felt that it wouldn’t impact my decisions as I would love and cherish this child no matter what.”

“The nurse helped me realize that it’s not just about loving or cherish the child, it is about learning and discovering how to help the child thrive, not just as an individual, but also to thrive as a sibling, thrive as a family member, a classmate, a teammate, a friend… Rainbows United focuses on providing services for the family, the types of services that aren’t always top of mind or the first thing that is considered, yet so important for realizing the potential and strength of a connected family.”

“We’re honored to have Katie join our Board of Directors,” said Steve Cox, Development Chair. “Her business experience and passion for children of all abilities make her a good fit.”

Katie’s fun fact: For the last 15 years I have worked for Cargill, where our focus is “nourishing our world”.  And when not at work, I love cooking and gardening so I guess you can say my love language is food. I believe when you feed the soul you ignite the spirit to find joy & laughter, the confidence to try, and the energy to serve others.

Katie is married to husband Matt, they have 3 children.

Favorite quote: When you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance. -Maya Angelou

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