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Kerri Dixon

Foster Care Social Worker / Targeted Case Manager

For more than 20 years, Kerri Dixon has been a social worker for Rainbows’ Specialized Foster Care Program. She is also a Targeted Case Manager for Rainbows’ foster and other families, helping them access other resources.

Kerri is a licensed social worker (LBSW) by the State of Kansas. She has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Bethany College.

“Prior to coming to Rainbows, I was an adoption social worker and I had positive experiences with foster care workers and foster families from Rainbows,” said Kerri. “I asked a Rainbows’ foster care worker to let me know if Rainbows ever had an opening and she did!  Twenty years later and I still love working for Rainbows.”

“Kerri is the heartbeat of the Specialized Foster Care program,” said Audra Kenneson, Foster Care Coordinator. “She is known for her competence, empathy, and knowledge of the system.”

The foster families at Rainbows know Kerri’s reputation and value her support.  “She’s very knowledgeable; she’s part of our team,” said Foster Mom Denise.   “Kerri gets right down to the kid’s level,” said Laura, another foster parent. “She communicates with them really, really well.”

“My biggest accomplishment is ensuring that kids who come into foster care have safe and stable home environments,” said Kerri. “My favorite part of my job is seeing the children in our foster homes grow and make gains due to being in that safe, stable and loving home. Our foster homes are committed to the kids in their home and we have had very few disruptions in foster care placements.”

Kerri has two sons, ages 22 and 17. Her oldest son is a jet engine mechanic and her youngest son is a junior in high school. She also has three dogs and one granddog. Kerri is active in her church and volunteers in the church program that serves children with special needs. She is an avid walker and loves attending sporting events for her youngest son.

“I love my job,” said Kerri.  “It is my passion. I feel blessed to love what I do and to work with amazing foster families.”

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