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Lindsay Kral

Vice President of Programs and Services

“Rainbows has been my home since 2014,” said Lindsay. “I’ve been blessed to be a part of several of our programs and services. I’m thrilled to serve as the Vice President of Programs and Services and to continue building our programs that help so many children and families in our community.”

Lindsay graduated from Oklahoma Panhandle State University with a degree in Psychology. Her experience includes leading Family Support Services, Targeted Case Management, Autism Services, and Infant/Toddler Services for Rainbows, and serving as Assistant Vice President of Programs and Services since April 2021. Before coming to Rainbows she worked for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services as a Foster Care Investigator and Child Placement Specialist Supervisor.

“I decided early in my education that I wanted to work with children,” Lindsay said. “I enjoy seeing them grow and learn new things and try to make a positive impact on their future.”

After the birth of her son Grayson in 2012, Lindsay left the work force for more than a year. Although going back to work was a difficult decision, Rainbows made it easier. “Rainbows definitely feels like home, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this agency,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay first joined Rainbows’ Team of Coordinators as the Family Support Services (FSS) Coordinator in 2014.  In November 2016, Lindsay made a transition into the Targeted Case Management Coordinator position.

After serving as Assistant Vice President of Programs and Services, Lindsay was named Vice President of Programs and Services in November 2021. Working at Rainbows provides Lindsay with laughter and fun on a daily basis. “I look forward to coming to work and seeing what new things each day brings,” she said.

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