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Meet Trinity and Torrence

2018 Rainbows Run Sponsored Family

“My 2.5 year-old daughter, Trinity (Trin), receives Speech-Language therapy through Rainbows United. When we started with Rainbows, she struggled showing us and/or asking for what she wanted, and we as parents struggled to understand her needs.

With Rainbows’ help, Trin’s ability to communicate simple needs has greatly improved. Trinity has been working with Rainbows since September 2017. Through our visits with Melissa Baumgartel, my husband and I have been able to help Trinity point out what she needs, or give 1-2 keywords that help her tell us what she’s trying to say. We have really tried to keep these visits at times both parents are able to attend because it is as beneficial for us adults as much, or more-so, than it is for Trin. We continue to see improvements on a weekly basis with her communication and it is clear that she is articulating her wishes much more effectively.

We also have a 6.5 month old daughter named Torrence (Tori), who benefits from Rainbows’ services. With Tori, we had concerns about Torticollis since was born. Torticollis is a rare condition in which the neck muscles contract, causing the head to twist to one side. Because we were already familiar with Rainbows, we mentioned the issues Tori was having and asked questions about potential therapy options. Mrs. Melissa, who was already helping us with Trinity, was able to arrange a consult with Rainbows to get Tori connected with physical therapy services.

Ultimately Tori qualified for assistance with her muscle development and Torticollis. That’s when we started seeing Kara Knight around the beginning of March 2018. She has been amazing with Tori! Kara has shown us proper ways to do stretches to help correct Tori’s muscle issues at a very early stage of her growth. Mrs. Kara has to be one of the most patient people I have ever met, because young children and stretching can definitely result in an unhappy and crabby kiddo.  Through it all, Kara manages to remain calm and collected and has done an excellent job increasing Tori’s range of motion. Kara continually helps us as parents stay focused on proper stretching techniques from week to week.

The involvement of Rainbows has been a huge blessing for us. As parents, we had no idea how we were going to be able to afford the therapy our doctors were suggesting. Our family physician referred us to Rainbows and helped setup an initial consultation. As for the cost, I am forever grateful that Rainbows was willing to accept the insurance we had to offer, and anything the insurance company does not cover, I have not been asked to pay or cover. Financial stress is not something that I have ever had to worry about during our involvement with Rainbows.

Rainbows’ expertise with, not one, but two of my children’s physical and social development is just amazing.  Each employee we have worked with so far has been top notch, and I would highly recommend Rainbows’ services to anyone who qualifies. If you have any friends or family members concerned about their child’s development in any way, I encourage them to at least sit through a consultation and see if Rainbows can help.  It is definitely one of the best choices we have made as parents for our youngest two children. We couldn’t be more grateful for the assistance they have given our family!”

-written by Tami Priddy, a Rainbows’ mother

Trinity, Torrence, and the rest of the Priddy family will be attending Rainbows Run 2018 as a Sponsored Family. Consider joining us in support of Rainbows’ Butler County services!


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