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Cheap, Easy & Fun Summer Activities

Boredom Busters!

Everyone loves summer! Right? During summer break, it’s easy to feel like you’re running out activities to keep your children entertained. Or maybe you know of tons of things to do, but they require an entire paycheck.

We totally get it! This is why our Childcare Staff (with the help of Pinterest, of course!) compiled a list of creative and inexpensive ways to keep kids busy. All of these activities include items you already have at home, or ones that can be purchased very reasonably at the Dollar Store – Enjoy!


  1. Turn your driveway into a fun target game using chalk and sponges.


  1. Hold “marble races” in your living room using cheap pool noodles cut in half.


  1. Create a “job chart” where children can choose their chore of choice to earn money. This can create great opportunities to teach them new skills!


  1. Toothpick and Gumdrop Construction: Costs $1 for the box of toothpicks and $1 for a giant box of gumdrops – Can you say cheap fun?! And, they can eat it when their done!


  1. Convince Dad to let you paint his precious lawn, for a giant version of the classic Twister!


  1. The process is pretty simple for this squirt gun canvas art. Fill guns with diluted paint and fire away! Let the canvases dry outside.


  1. Put that recycled cardboard box to use, by creating a ramp for “Laundry Basket Skee Ball”. This will keep the kiddos entertained inside on those HOT summer days.


  1. Keep them busy with an outdoor obstacle course, using things you already have! Stringing their toy together in this way will create a new fun way for them to play.


  1. Have you heard of “water painting”? It’s the most amazing, mess-free activity for young kids. A bowl of water, a paint brush and a sidewalk as your canvas is all children need for a fun afternoon of “painting”!


  1. Make an Activity Cube for your children, with a different movement on each side. Have them roll it and perform the move it lands on for 1 minute.  Then, repeat! Super fun way to introduce exercise to your little ones.