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Holiday Fun

Learning Activities

We’ve had such fun this holiday season with fun learning activities in our early care and education center. The amazing Kids’ Point Lead Classroom Teachers each chose an ornament for children in their classroom to create and hang on the tree in the lobby. Each Lead Teacher uses her advanced early childhood training to make sure each activity enhances a child’s growth and encourages exploration. The tree looks fun and festive in addition to hands on learning for the children in each of our high quality early care classrooms.

Classrooms 3 and 4: Miss Stephanie’s and Miss Stacy’s classrooms made precious keepsakes with each child’s footprint turned reindeer. The craft allows young children to feel the paint on their feet and see their footprint often for the very first time. Ornaments can be hung at home for years to come.

Classroom 5: Miss Paula’s classroom took the bling approach and made sparkling Christmas trees out of popsicle sticks and jewels. The fun activity engages children with glue, paint, markers and other supplies, perfect for fine motor skills and the feeling of accomplishment. A quick search of craft stick ornaments will get you more than enough inspiration for an afternoon of creating.


Classroom 6: Miss Autumn’s classroom activity included a sensory experience by using cinnamon and applesauce to make their ornaments. The children enjoyed the aroma as well as mixing and rolling the dough then cutting out the holiday shapes with cookie cutters.


Classroom 7: Miss Layton found clear plastic lightbulb shaped ornaments for the children to fill with cotton balls and paint faces on then hang on the tree for all to see. The triangle carrot nose and round coal eyes made the children say he could laugh and play as they placed their creations on the tree. Once the white flakes fall from the sky the children will be eager to get out and make their own snow creations. You can find many snowman ornament ideas online, including

Part of the fun at the front desk is to see the children point out their ornament to their families as they come and go this season,” said Kids’ Point Coordinator Michelle Croomes. “Seeing their smiles and interactions make every day filled with childlike wonder.”