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Technology Project Launch


Achieving success through teamwork, partnerships and collaboration does not come easy, in fact it can be time consuming and challenging, but the end product is more than worth it. This week, Rainbows’ staff went Live with our new client database software, myEvolv, after years in the making. It has taken more than 5 years to evaluate, secure funding, adapt the software to our needs and now implement the sophisticated online system. It will allow better understanding of a child’s needs and the services they currently are receiving all in one accessible place. It is a huge step forward in the continuity of information for our staff, eliminating disparate databases that do not talk with one another and taking Rainbows into the future with less paper, more efficiency, and improved reporting.

This only happened because of a number of dedicated partnerships. When we first dreamed about collecting client data electronically and connecting all services under one system, we had a special community Technology Task Force that researched our processes and determined what we needed. They then helped research more than 30 different software programs and believed myEvolv was a fit for Rainbows and the best software to meet our needs.

After we knew what we needed, we had to have funding to make it happen. We applied for grants and tax credits, made budgets and upgraded our internal servers, network and hardware. We knew we needed a Project Manager who would help steer us in the right direction and stand by our side as we got in the details, more details and other details. Richard Vogt with High Touch Technology has done just that and more. A dedicated group of staff have devoted hours that have turned into months and years to enter every line of every form we are replacing, testing every button, dropdown menu and field. They have streamlined processes, confronted change and are willing to stay the course in making the customized code work for our children and families. This group’s resolve under the pressure of daily duties and intense details is something for which we are grateful.

My thanks to everyone who has been a part of funding, building and testing the software to customize it for Rainbows’ use. Everyone involved has been resourceful in finding solutions through intelligent decisions making and determination. Your commitment, dedication and determination are especially applauded.