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Celebrating successes and anticipating more to come.

Ready for Big Kid School

Graduation, it’s a happy time as well as a sad time for me. I’ve spent the past year working and teaching the kids in my classroom and they become as if they were my own! I’m happy and thrilled at graduation to help all my kiddos celebrate their successes! They have all grown so much in the past year that celebrating this milestone is one of my favorite parts of the year. The sad part is, knowing that my time with them is coming to an end as I send them off to The Big Kid School! There are the unknowns of what other successes they will have in the coming years and the sadness of missing out on those successes as they continue to celebrate them with their families.

This past year has been filled with so many success stories that it’s hard to focus on just one story or even on one specific child. I have been blessed to work some amazing families. Without their help, we would not have had the successes this year that we did.  A child who cried many times in the day and was unable to follow the routine, to now crying very little and following the daily routine with little help. Another child who came to us from being kicked out of two previous schools for behaviors and seeing those behaviors decrease dramatically throughout the year! And yet another child who had no coping skills when he became upset or sad, to using the coping skills we teach and using the calm down space as a place for him to calm his body until he is able to talk with a teacher!  The list just goes on and on!

I know that they are all ready for The Big Kid School! So I send them off with my love and desire for them to do the best they can in life.


Ms. Annabel Bentley, ECSE Teacher

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