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Energy and enthusiasm at Pre-K graduation.

Happy Congratulations Day!

This was my first year at Rainbows United, and so it was my first time experiencing what Pre-K graduation looks like here.  I can truly say that it was funny, and touching, and everything you might hope for in a ceremony.

The kids brought all their energy and enthusiasm to graduation.  I feel so blessed having been able to get to know these children.  Of course there were good days and not as good days in the classroom.  There was frustration over the rules, and with their peers, and sometimes even themselves.  But just when it seemed all hope was lost, these little people gathered themselves and made progress much farther than anyone could have expected!

All of that energy and enthusiasm was met by all the creativeness and compassion that their teachers always have in abundance.  Ms. Annabel and Ms. Sheryl worked so hard every day to make Pre-K a special experience for each of the children while meeting all of their different needs.  What often started out looking like chaos always ended looking brilliant as these little minds expanded with the wonder of learning.

Seeing the proud looks on parent and extended family faces at graduation leaves no doubt that celebrating this “little” milestone in a big way is a wonderful way to end the school year.  And who could forget the twins exclamations of “Happy Congratulations Day!” to everyone in the room?  Although all of these unique children will be missed, I also know each of them will go on to do amazing things.

Oh, the places they’ll go!

Written by Michelle Croomes, Kids’ Point Coordinator