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Valentine's Day Activities for Preschoolers

Teaching Love, Kindness, Inclusion and Empathy

What does Valentine’s Day mean to Rainbows United preschoolers? For those of us in Classroom 6, it’s about teaching love and compassion, as well as making our lessons fun and engaging. We want the kids to be excited to learn about Math, Literacy, Science, Art, and how to be good humans. We want them to be able to show empathy and kindness to others, not just here at school, but everywhere they go.

When we do our lessons, we want every child to be excited to learn, so we make it fun and engaging throughout the subjects. For example, Art will be centered around making their Valentine’s Day party boxes. They will be able to use their creative minds to decorate their boxes however they would like. Their creativity is one of my favorite things. Small gifts will be placed in the boxes for every child. We will also be making Valentine’s Day hot air balloons, as well as heart stamps with pipe cleaners. Next, Literacy will involve teaching them new words and how we can express our kindness to others.

In addition, we also focus on math and science. During math, the kids will continue working on measuring with different instruments like measuring cups and spoons. We’ll be using those tools to make sugar cookies for our Valentine’s Day party on the 14th. We will also be using conversation hearts to taste test and graph which ones the kids enjoyed more. The conversation hearts will then contribute to our learning in science as kids will test whether they will float, sink, or fizz while placed in various substances.

As teachers, we try to make every lesson we come up with unique and engaging. Valentine’s Day-themed lessons and activities are a great way for the kids to get excited about learning and we get to teach them love, kindness, inclusion, and empathy. All the things we all need to be fantastic humans.

By Mary May, Assistant Teacher (valentines boxes) (fizzy hearts) (sink or float) (hot air balloon) (pipe cleaner heart stamps)