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Beth Watkins

Speech Language Pathologist

“I am a speech language pathologist and have been blessed to work for the last 25 years as either an early childhood special education teacher or speech language pathologist with kiddos from birth to 5 years old,” said Beth Watkins. Beth has worked for Rainbows United since 2005.

“Working in early intervention is one of the most inspiring jobs on the planet. The love and perseverance I see in the families I serve are an inspiration to me inside and outside of work.” Beth spends most of her days visiting families in all parts of southwest Sedgwick County. “During each visit, caregivers and I work on helping a little person grow. That looks very different for each family and can include everything from working with different bottles and cups to reading books to learning a new sign,” said Beth, she adds “never ever boring!”

“One memory that still moves me is that of one of my little friends saying, ‘Ma love you’ to his Mom for the very first time and the look on that Mom’s face.”

Beth, her husband, two teenage daughters, and hairy dog enjoy traveling and visiting family in Nebraska.  She also enjoys cooking, eating, reading, walking, swimming, yarn work, and “all that goes with watching, maintaining, and enjoying the dog, daughters, and husband.”

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