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Joanna Wiebe

Speech Language Pathologist

Joanna Wiebe chose to become a speech language pathologist because she enjoys working with people. She started college as a business major and by her sophomore year realized that she should change career paths. “Speech Pathology came to me like a Devine inspiration and I have loved it ever since,” said Joanna. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in clinical speech pathology and audiology and a Master of Science degree in speech-language pathology. She is also licensed in the State of Kansas and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competency that is recognized nationally.

As a speech language pathologist at Rainbows’ Bright Beginnings in Butler County, Joanna works with each child in their natural setting. “Working with children and families in their homes is an amazing privilege that provides more information than a questionnaire could ever capture. It allows a therapist to provide realistic suggestions and connect on a deeper individual level,” she said.

For her, a normal day begins and ends with a home visit. “I love that I am greeted with smiles when I come to a family’s door. The child usually knows this is their time to get extra attention and the parents are often eager to share their success or concerns of the week,” said Joanna. Commonly, the parents share their progress and Joanna asks them questions about communication or feeding. “My very favorite thing is when something new is modeled and the child copies immediately. You and the family have just carved a pathway that had never been made in that child before,” she added. For example, a child might use sign language to get food or toys for the very first time.

Her personal hobbies include watching and cheering for her children as they play sports, flower gardening, and walking.

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