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Maria Magno

Program Assistant

Maria Magno is the Program Assistant for Rainbows’ Early Care and Education Program. She started as a para educator at Rainbows in 1999 and has been reassigned as a speech/language assistant and the assistant para facilitator during her career at Rainbows. Before moving to the United States in 1991, she worked in her home country of the Philippines as a science teacher for many years, teaching third grade classes to college courses. For a time she was employed at an orphanage which was when she first worked with children who have special needs. Maria has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree related to science education.

Every day she tries to give 100% while she is at work. Her job includes overseeing 14 para educators, maintenance at Kids’ Point and the various issues that can come up at a child care center. Her goal is to spend at least one hour in the classroom daily to work directly with the kids. “Working at Rainbows has given me more patience,” said Maria. “What I do now is just a different level of teaching.”

In the evenings Maria likes to cook, especially for her many grand nieces and nephews. She is always on the go, working on her hobbies such as sewing drapes, blankets and rugs.

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