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Stefanie Loubert

Lead Teacher

As lead teacher of the infant/young toddler room at Kids’ Point, Stefanie Loubert loves to see the “light bulb” moments occur in her students. It is fulfilling for her to see the instant they understand a concept for the first time.

Stefanie began serving at Rainbows in October 2013 as an assistant teacher in one of the pre-k classrooms until she became the lead teacher of the infant room.

“I am a teacher of the greatest level of education for a young mind,” Stefanie said. “The brain development in infants and toddlers is fascinating to me.”

Working with little ones means there is no normal in Miss Stefanie’s room. “It is busy and never the same,” Stefanie said.

One of Stefanie’s favorite memories is from her work in the pre-k classroom. She was helping a student learn to use a

walker. “This child got very good with the walker,” Stefanie said. “It became a game to ‘run’ Miss Stefanie over with it.”

Stefanie loves her job at Rainbows because of the work she is able to do with children with special needs, which is her passion. She is also thankful for all the people she has met and is able to work with at Rainbows.

In her free time Stefanie likes to read, cook, and her newest adventure, riding a motorcycle. She also enjoys spending time with her daughter Kacie, a classroom aide at Kids’ Point.

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