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Therapy at home and child care

We Don’t Worry About Cost, Transportation or Scheduling

When 18-month-old Theo was not meeting his developmental milestones, his doctor at El Dorado Clinic referred the family to Rainbows. “Theo started walking about 3 months after he began working with Angela Pulaski, Early Interventionist Primary Coach and Physical Therapist,” said Sarah, Theo’s mother. “His vocabulary gradually increased from one to a couple of words and has exploded in the last couple of months. Now he has words for most things.”

Sarah and Jeremy, Theo’s father, both work in the school system, so during the summer, Angela works with the family in their home and during the school year she sees Theo at his daycare, doing developmental appropriate activities, including building a vocabulary. “It has been good to see Theo in both of his main environments,” said Angela. “It has been a delight working with Theo and his family and Theo’s daycare providers have been very welcoming. Theo and I participate fully in their routines. Some of the great routines we have been able to share are breakfast, gym time, outdoor play, free play, toothbrushing and book time.”

“Theo has started to communicate more with his daycare providers and can get on and off the riding toys outside,” said Angela, Physical Therapist. “He loves to go fast!”

“Because of Rainbows, Jeremy and I feel comfortable that Theo is getting the help that he needs, and we don’t have to worry about how to find help or whether he needs help,” said Sarah. “We just let Angela do her thing and delight in his progress. Rainbows is honestly a “too good to be true” organization. I can’t believe that such an organization exists that helps our son for free and goes to him at daycare; we don’t have to worry about cost, transportation, OR scheduling. It’s amazing.”

Theo has a 5-year-old sister who just started kindergarten. Since Theo has progressed in walking and talking, they have been able to play together more (this mostly involves chasing each other around the house). On weekends the family almost always goes to the zoo, Botanica, Exploration Place, or the trampoline park. They also try to make reading a big part of their lives. Theo absolutely loves his books, and he spends a lot of time playing with his cars and dinosaurs. Sarah and Jeremy try to get their children out and keep their brains stimulated as much as they can (with plenty of down time also).