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Events Require Big Picture Vision and Attention to Details

Event Specialist Sherri Penka brings over 20 years of experience in the field of event planning and marketing as well as personal family experience with Rainbows’ services.  Her career began in radio advertising and on air promotions in Junction City, Kansas while attending Kansas State University. Her radio experience included

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10:15+ Club

Among the list of Rainbows’ Guiding Principles is “Be positive, celebrate success and recognize achievements.” There is one day every year that is designated as

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Friends of the Heart 2015

Formerly called Friends of Rainbows United, the Friends of the Heart had their first event in 2003, a book shower that collected nearly 100 books

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World Physical Therapy Day

September 8 is World Physical Therapy Day. Rainbows is privileged to employ nine Physical Therapists and one Certified Physical Therapy Assistant. Physical Therapy is among

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I Talk to Myself!

I love a good mantra! I use them all the time to get myself moving in the morning, to adjust my attitude when I need

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Dear Rainbows

It’s hard to believe my year at Rainbows has come and gone and I’ve already begun my next adventure. When I first accepted the AmeriCorps

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