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Children and Staff Grow Together

The Power of Potential

“Oh the Places You’ll Go”, the theme for Pre-Kindergarten Graduation 2022, always makes me think of one word – “potential”. Potential, from the Latin potentia “power,” describes something or someone that has the power to become something.

As Program Coordinator for Rainbows’ Early Care and Education Program, I’m blessed to have a position that lets me focus on potential. Children symbolize potential in so many ways, and seeing them every day makes it impossible not to notice. They show potential in their physical growth, in their development and in their ability to empathize with others. They show potential in their ability to write letters, but also in learning to calm their bodies when upset. All of these children have an endless supply of potential, and although it may be very different than another child, it is still powerful.

On a more unexpected level, I get to see potential being realized in the staff that provide precious care for the children here at Kids’ Point. They grow and develop in their own right as teachers, co-workers and care givers. This position allows me the gift of perspective as I get to watch it all unfold.

The graduation ceremony itself was touching and delightful. I suspect that this group may hold the record for the most enthusiastic performers! They practiced so hard and all did a fantastic job, once again rising to meet their potential for all to see. Some of the children confidently performed every movement and sang all the words to the songs. Some of the children swayed to the music and shyly smiled at the audience. One little boy excitedly shared his joy through hugs for his family…throughout the ceremony.

Oh, how proud the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters of these extraordinary students must be as they look upon the potential realized in these early years and look forward to the potential of their futures. Oh, the places they’ll go!

By Michelle Croomes, Early Care and Education & CBETS Program Coordinator